Stories Evoke Powerful Emotions

Storytelling is an essential element of of marketing

Great stories are remembered, commemorated, celebrated - when crafted well, they can go down in history.

Storytelling is the best way to approach your sales, marketing, digital content and communications for maximum impact.

Our Signature Course

Film Like a Pro on Your Phone

This course helps you create great looking and engaging, affordable professional videos, using your phone.

Are you utilising the power of video to tell your story? Are you maintaining an engaged audience through regular video content? If not, what’s holding you back?

Understanding what equipment to use and best practices for video production is commonly intimidating if you don’t have experience in this area.

That’s where we help! This course can help empower you to tell your story with video by learning to create affordable and professional videos on your phone.
Narrative Marketing - Film Like a Pro on Your Phone

Storytelling is a SUPER Power

We work with brands that want to learn how they can tell their story through Video and Marketing

The digital world is crowded, noisy and confusing and there is new technology on the horizon all the time. We believe in the SUPERPOWER of storytelling to connect individuals and positively impact the world. Everything we do helps you unlock that power.

We provide storytelling and business strategy tools and tips through our training and courses. Narrative Marketing don't just do marketing - we help you unlock your Storytelling Superpower.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no-one can take it away from you” – B. B. King

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