Video is a powerful and versatile medium to communicate your message or deliver your services online

Are you utilising the power of video to tell your story? Are you maintaining an engaged audience through regular video content? If not, what’s holding you back?

Understanding what equipment to use and best practices for video production is commonly intimidating if you don’t have experience in this area. That’s where we help!

This course can help empower you to tell your story with video by learning to create affordable and professional videos on your phone.

This practical workshop will quickly get participants comfortable with:

  • Planning video content

  • Understanding video equipment - what to use in different situations

  • Video basics - filming tips to improve the quality of your videos

  • Video specific - lighting and sound requirements

  • Live streaming - tips and equipment

  • Editing your videos with app / software on your smartphone or desktop

  • Incorporating video captions

Our Film Like A Pro On Your Phone Course will help you get results and build your business

Feel confident to start creating and sharing awesome videos!

Experienced trainer, Amelia Veale, will guide you through step by step information, supported by a session workbook, valuable tips and advice.

Many people tell us that cost, time or lack of confidence are preventing them from creating video. This course can help you overcome these barriers. We empower you by showing you how to create your own affordable and professional videos on your phone.

Our training provides you with time-saving techniques, so you can not only create great looking and engaging videos - and it won’t cost you lots of time or money!

This course covers

Step by step information, supported by workbooks, valuable tips and advice. This practical workshop will quickly get you comfortable with:

  • Planning your Video & Content

    Learn the elements of planning your video - who is your audience, your buyer persona and the formula for doing it yourself.

  • Understanding video equipment

    Simple, easy lessons to understanding the equipment needed to create great videos using your phone.

  • Video basics & specifics

    Learn the filming tips to improve the quality of your videos, lighting and sound requirements and how to include captions.

  • Live Streaming

    Have the confidence to live stream with our lessons, tips and information including the equipment needed.

  • Video editing

    Learn how to edit your videos using apps and software on your smartphone or desktop.

  • Access to our Facebook Group

    Were we share additional resources and provide follow up support and troubleshooting assistance.

Amelia Veale - Chief Storyteller and Director of Narrative Marketing.

Amelia Veale Headshot

With a career in marketing that spans nearly two decades, and includes working for local and state government, the non-profit sector, plus a range of small to medium businesses, Amelia is an experienced communications presenter and trainer.

Narrative Marketing focuses on helping businesses to capture and tell their unique story in a way that inspires and motivates their customers. With a long history in producing optimised written content, the business now specialises in producing impactful video and audio content.

Knowing that the frequently changing world of marketing can be overwhelming, Amelia delivers training in a practical way, translating unnecessary technical jargon into everyday, relatable language that's easy to comprehend.

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  • How do I access the content?

    Once you enrol, you will receive access to your Student Dashboard where you will be automatically enrolled into the course.

  • When can I complete the lessons?

    Its entirely self-paced - progress through the course units at your own pace, at the best time for you

  • How long do I have access to the Course?

    You receive on-going access to all course material for the life of the program, to check back and reference at any time.